What do you do with the "coiled" wire when using a drag chain?

Hey guys I’m adding a drag chain to my setup but am not too sure what to do with the coiled wire connected to the Spindle mount.


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Do you sell an alternative wiring connection to the curly cable?

Hey Auntjemimma,

this cable that Onefinity calls “curly” cable is NOT a cable made for permanent motion and can therefore make problems with internal cable breaks after one or more years of use. In an application where cables are being bent constantly because they supply moving components, I would strongly recommend to exclusively use cables that are made for permanent motion, like g. LAPP ÖLFLEX® or IGUS chainflex®.

If you retrofit a serious cable management to the Onefinity CNC machine, i.e. drag chains, it would not be logical to leave one stepper motor cable out.

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Yes, there have been many times in which I was nervous that the Z curly cable was going to catch onto something as it was dragging on top of my work piece. This in turn has made me want to switch to a drag chain for safety concerns.