Changes and still waiting

I noticed a price drop on the X35 without a Stiffy. What is that? Will mine come with one? Awful name. After 3 months mine is in the packing and shipping. Just frustrating and feel like I’m getting an older model, IMO they should fulfill orders before they release new products.

@rhoffart - the stiffy is the third rail on the z-axis that makes it more stiff. From what I understand, all pre-order models will ship with the Stiffy. If I had to guess, the stiffy will no longer be offered and the X-50 will be the standard option with the X-35 alone. That make it more price competitive with other models out there.


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You are. That’s the nature of business and innovation. The X50 is likely going to be the standard product with upgraded rigidity vs the original X35 and then the X35 w/Stiffy. But they’ll probably going to be different price points as the parts costs for the 35mm tubes & screws is substantially less than the 50mm tubes and upsized screws & motors. That will give folks multiple price points to buy in at depending on their needs.

There’s no way they could reasonably be expected to ship all existing orders before they release something new. No business on the planet could do that and survive. Either orders for existing products keep coming in and they would keep getting new stuff pushed back or the competition comes out with the new stuff and then orders for everything stops and their new stuff doesn’t sell because someone else is already selling it.

OneFinity is a perfect example of this. Nothing really happened significantly in the product lines of the Xcarve or Shapeoko world. OF changed the game with rails, bearings and ball screws at a price point the other guys were offering belts, pulleys and v-wheels. Now Carbide3D is coming out with some me-too products but only after OF has sold thousands of their machines.

But, just like the latest electronics, if you don’t want to get “stuck” with an old model, just wait for the newest one to be announced and buy that one. Don’t jump too soon because you know the iPhone 13 next month will be followed by the iPhone 14 next year and the 15 the year after… :smiley:

You could wait until next summer and see what 1F is going to do. Maybe they will come out with X-50 Y axis rails 48" long. Maybe a more advanced controller.


I would not got so far as to say you are getting an ‘older’ model, but Jim is right, things change over time and now users have options. All that said, the X35 is still way better than the X-Carve or Shapeoko. Both company’s realize that and are now offering upgraded units, all of which are far more expensive that the OF. Hope this helps ease your mind a little.


To use the iPhone as an example isn’t the same. I get it. But if you buy an iPhone 13 and they release the iPhone 14 before you get the 13 you would feel taken.

Yea, I get it and my concern was about the new price points and the “stiffy” on the model I haven’t received yet. But from what I read so far mine will have the 3rd rail. So I’m ok. Thanks