Changing from laser to another tool on the elite

I recently received my elite machine. I was setting up my 14w J Tech laser and now I can’t get the masso off the laser. I entered T111M6 to get the laser to fire. Any help please!!!

Did you hit the laser button on f2?

Hey Paul

T111M6 means select Tool Nr. 111 and M6 means “change tool”. This will select the laser as the tool.

Masso tells to use M03 and M05 to start/stop the laser and S0-S1000 for laser PWM.

If you want to select another tool, you have to select another tool number with T and M6.

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yes the laser is working. I am trying to get it back to my spindle

Hey Paul,

then try T1M6


thank you guys!!! figured it out. I just switched from a x-carve to a OF. bit of a learning curve