Changing to a spindle - what do I need to do in Vcarve?

I just got my Woodworker X-50 up and running this past weekend. So far I am using the Makita router. But I also purchased the VFD and spindle kit from PwnCNC and will be switching to that soon. Daniel has good instructions and video on how to make the needed changes within the Onefinity controller. What will I need to change within Vcarve Pro so that it knows I have a spindle and adds the appropriate gcode commands. I have the post-processor set to Onefinity Woodworker.

UPDATE: I looked at several of the .ngc files I have already created. I see the M3 S##### commands at the start, and then the M5 command before the machine returns home. So it is already putting these in. I should be good to go.


You change nothing in the VCarve for using a spindle vs. the router.

Really the only thing to consider is to review and make sure your tool database has the correct speeds set for bit depending on material, and this is if you are controlling the VFD with the breakout board to set those automatically. When you had the router you just manually set the speed on the router. If you don’t connect the controller to the VFD you will need to do the same for the spindle, set manually via the dial. If you have them properly connected and communicating the G-Code will set the speeds as part of the start up/tool change process with the SXXXXX command that is located in the G-Code…

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