Choosing a spindle

Hi to all, Recently ordered a woodworkers model from onefinity. Now I’am looking to buy a spindle. I looked at 65mm and 80mm in 110v and 220v. Both water cooled.
Planning on cutting mostly wood including hardwoods. Possibly soft metals in the future. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

For the voltage criterion, the 2 spindles exist for 110v or 220v. So it depends on where you live. If it’s 220v so much the better.
The 80mm mounting is not yet available on the 1F. So 65mm is the secure solution today, it has been proven to work on the OF (see Myers video). You can do everything with 1.5kW. The advantages of the 2.2kW are that you can pass more force/power into the jaw of the cutters, it is ER20, you tire less the tools and the spindle for an equivalent work with the 1.5kW. For the hobbyist, this may not be a determining factor, but you can perform a little faster. You can use larger tools for example to flatten a surface, the rendering will be better. Also with the adapters you can mount the tools for ER11. Who can do more can do less.

I also have 3 months to wait for the 1F, and I hope to be able to benefit from an 80mm mount if it is available at this time. So I put off buying the spindle for the last moment.

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I do have access to 220v in my shop. I did’nt know that the 80mm mount was not available at this time.Thanks, I’ll hold off for now.

I got the 65mm G Penny Air Cooled spindle and HY VFD from Alliexpress. Total cost was about $280. It is very quiet and very powerful. I am more than pleased. I’ve done a 8+ hour carve and it didn’t get warmer than an average cell phone while its charging.


agree with mcfarlanmade. I have basically the same spindle (if they are coming from alieexpress its safe bet they are all the same). Its been working fine for me as well.

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How long did it take from order until delivery

I I have ordered the same spindle after seeing your posting can you tell me where you got the wrenches from for it

I got mine from PWNCNC, I really like them, good quality reasonable price