Confirmed Aftermarket Screens/Monitors that work with the Onefinity

i have this one and it works perfectly.

I got the cheapest regular PC monitor and a wired mouse. Works a treat, no fanny around with a touch screens. Its big (well the smallest i could get from PC world) it sits back from the front of of the cnc table, mounted on a monitor arm that is mounted to the wall that, i had knocking around. I taped over the top air vents with blue painters tape; no issue.

The Asus VT168H ( will work with the Onefinity, but the resolution is only 1366X768, not the full HD 1920x1080 that the Onefinity is capable of. After using it for four months, and getting frustrated with the blurriness of the text that was displayed, I upgraded to another monitor that had full 1920x1080 resolution. It is so much better!

Hi all,
Just wanted to let people know I was able to use the following touchscreen on the BB controller.
It is a Visual Beat 15.6 touchscreen.

Just make sure that all cables are connected properly.
USB-A to USB-C (BB to monitor)
USB-C to USB-C with power adapter
HDMI of course.

15.6” Portable USB Type-C Monitor Touchscreen, 1080P FHD, IPS, 10-Point Touch External Screen with Premium Smart Cover Dual Speakers for Xbox,PS4,Switch,Laptop,PC,Phone,Mac,Surface : Electronics

Hope this info will help others.

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