Connect to HIDDEN wifi after v1.1.1

I found a fairly simple way to connect to hidden wifi networks after upgrading to v1.1.1. First, go to the terminal ctrl+T then ctrl+C

In the terminal, run the raspberry pi configure command as follows:
“sudo raspi-config”

From the config tool, choose option 2. Network Options,

Then choose option 2. Wi-Fi

On this page, fill in the SSID and password/phrase. exit out of raspi-config and reboot.
Works great on my system that’s downstairs on the opposite end of the house from the access point.
Here’s a pic of youtube on my 1F on CRG’s page.

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DOESN’T WORK LONG TERM. I found that this workaround does NOT work long term. The network is “searching” every few minutes for a network that kills this method. I’m casually looking into a way to prevent this but have not found any solution yet

1.1.2 alpha stopes the ‘searching’.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try

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