Controller comparison SMC5-5-N-N CNC 5-axis Vs Buildbotics

Does anyone have any experience with offline controllers sold on Banggood or Aliexpress?
MC5-5-N-N CNC 5-axis Offline Controller 500KHZ Motion Controller 7 Inch Screen ($280+shipping) 3-4 axis controllers are even cheaper.

Wondering how they compare to the Buildbotics ($500+shipping)


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I am hoping someone will chime in that has knowledge, I am no way dissatisfied with our controller, it’s been great, my interest is like many of us that want to add rotary carving also. Rotary laser is simple thanks to Roger, rotary carving will be an enhancement.

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I don’t have first hand experience, but here are a few YouTube reviews

500 kHz step frequency which is pretty good for fast movements
roger has a series on using the SMA controller on a gantry cnc