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Is there a reason why your controller just starts having issue connecting to your WiFi? I had been using my machine successfully since Feb. and yesterday it just wouldn’t connect. Usually, I turn on my controller, wait a few minutes, and log onto my controller via the internet. I had not changed anything, and it just stopped playing nice with me. I updated my controller last week, it’s 20’ to my extender, and I run it from my Windows laptop right next to it that always has perfect connection (I can run online games that take a massive bandwidth).
Any help would be appreciated.

You must be within 10” and clear line of site as the controller has no antenna and is in a feriday cage

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Is there a way to connect to laptop without turning internet off?

Thinking about it, I come to a very important question. It ran with no issue for four months. Any idea what changed?

Just reciting what the instructions written by the lawyers, does not solve the problem.

Components can degrade, stronger signals may be interfering, etc.

You may want to look in to a USB WiFi Adapter. I used one for a while before just going with ethernet. A USB WiFi adapter will put the antenna outside of the metal box and give you much better reception. They’re not expensive. I think there’s other posts here about what to look for but if you can find one that has good linux support you should be fine.

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I took the metal top off and made a plexiglass replacement cover on the OF.
My machine is about 50ft away from the router and there is a brick wall in between.
I’ve been using it this way for about 2yrs, no issues yet.

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