WIFI No Connect

Just set up my Elite Juroneyman and tried to connect the WIFI. It will not content to the WFI extender that is 2 feet away from it. I had an F1 Juroneyman X50 and it connected to the extender by ethernet cable. I can connect to the extender on my phone and it works fine. I also opened the controller and resetted the WIFI card but that did not help. I also tried to enter a static IP address and that did not work. I do not want to set up the elite as a network it has too many issues with how you connect to it. Any suggestions?

What band is the wifi? 5ghz? If so, that’s your problem. Needs to be 2.4ghz b/g/n.

So I found the problem. I left out a Capital letter in the SSID. Thanks for the reply.

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…glad you got your controller to recognize WiFi. I’m envious. Mine did too but the connection was unreliable so … hard wired (sigh) but rock solid now. I pretty much just use the connection to transfer G-Code files to the controller.