Cribbage Board Custom Design

Havent been on the forums for a while. Figured id post one of my most popular items :slight_smile:
Duck hunting relief custom cribbage board :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s really beautiful! Nicely done!

Yes, very impressive.

thank you fine young people

Now that is cool. How long to carve the centerpiece??

Im still working on optimizing… but i have it down to about 7 hours. the weeds etc are SUPER detailed, so it takes some time there… I use a SUPER fine tip ball nose too, because i hate sanding haha

Amazing job! What are you using to drill the holes? I was planning on using a 1/8" Upcut but most of them are only 1/2" DOC and most posts I researched said do not Drill with an end mill and considering the 360 holes I got scared and only spot drill them with an end mill and then drill to depth with a brad point on the drill press.


Whiteside 1/4" shank 1/8" upcut bit. 100ipm plunge. easy peasy. works perfectly fine…half inch doc :slight_smile:

Okay awesome! Because drilling out 360+ holes by hand sucks! Do you mind sharing your pecking cycle? Im assuming router speed is on lowest?

No peck… full depth. 125 IPM plunge. I am running an 80mm spindle tho. which may or may not matter haha

Really well done. Beautiful and thoughtful! And you found a way to use magnets. Always try and find a way to use magnets!!! Thanks for sharing.

haha i love magnets :slight_smile: i always try to find ways to use em if possible haha.

Speaking of magnets, has anyone come up with a good way of gluing them in that doesnt involve glue spilling coming over the top and making a mess?

I would use some blue tap with a hole cut out. Not sure the best adhesive, but gel/thick CA glue (aka super glue) should work fine

i use CA thick, tiny drop in the bottom of the hole, put magnet in… I also dont put them in until after the finish (minwax spray aerosol). that way if i get a little extra, it cleans up easily.