Cutting Plastic (HDPE) on the Onefinity CNC (with video and vectric file)

Canadian Flag.crv (367 KB)


Looks great. Where did you source your material? I live just south of you.

Tom, not sure about Canadian suppliers, but you can get small pre-cut pieces from Inventables. I’ve bought it a few times.


link is in the video description!

Thank you, but I do not see a link to where you purchased the HDPE.

Click on the “Youtube” symbol in the bottom right corner of the video; once in Youtube, click on “Show More” under the video; click on the link to Amazon beside “Material used”; it will take you to the corresponding page on Amazon, in your case:


Thank you. I didn’t think to watch in ‘on’ Youtube. I assumed they meant the information was in the video, like the milling info text that appeared during the video. I use the ‘show more’ all the time to get additional information from the hundreds of CNC videos I watch!

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I have not personally used this company but heard a lot about them. They appear to have a wide variety of engraving/cutting materials including plastics, vinyl, and various sign making materials.

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I didn’t realize you could carve a Canadian flag using Imperial toolpath settings without opening a dimensional rift.


It did. I live about 30 minutes south of their location and I felt it. :grin: