Depth of cut is deeper than designed

I am performing a V Carve cut that should be .250" deep but is carved .375" deep. The tool is a 60 deg. vee bit that is .500" wide. The depth of each pass is set to .100" per pass. The first pass is close to .200" deep. I’m using Carbide Create. My controller version is 1.0.7. The odd thing also is that it dose not do this every time.

Hi John - welcome to the forums. It is possible the program is matching the width of the cut and disregarding the depth of cut. Fusion does this by default with v-cutters. Though with multiple depths set it should observe that setting. Regardless, it should work the same every time. Are you using the same gcode file each time and getting different results? Or different files? Perhaps posting your gcode might help or the carbide file.


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Thanks “CRG”, I understand what you have referred to. My problem was that after using the touch probe to set “Z” to 0, the first pass should have been only 0.100" deep. I was getting a first pass of nearly 0.200" deep. I’m not sure what the problem was, but it has not repeated the problem since I posted. But thanks again for your input. I think I will just move on now and look closer at the set up and g-code as I move forward.