1st carve issue

All, I am trying my 1st carve with my newly purchased VCarve Pro software. It is the simplest file that I created to carve into a .25" thick piece of plexiglass. I load the file, probe XYZ, start the spindle and click run. The g-code file is running, but it won’t go all the way down into the material?

My Start Depth (D) is 0
My Cut Depth (C) is .25

I am cutting this out completely. Any help would be appreciated

It might be helpful if you could upload your .crv file so that we could have a look at it to determine what might be causing the problem.

Cheers … Dave

Ok. I have to admit when I’m stupid in order to grow. I didn’t have the bit tightened. So, it ran and pushed the bit inside. I tightened the bit, re-Probe’d XYZ and bam!

Thanks for helping me with my issue. It’s nice to have support.