Disable Control Buttons (Solution - Firmware 1.0.5)

Being able to disable the zeroing button would be nice. Its easy to fat finger. Broke a bit when trying to jog z down. Hit the zero button and it sent the bit straight into the touch probe, full speed. Glad my finger was out of the way.

Wow - that’s a really poor UI choice having it there. Moving it to another location might be an option too. Can we submit change requests via Git?

Hopefully 1F will see and try and implement into an update at some point. My wireless controller came yesterday which is so much safer and easier than using the touchscreen.

Solved in the latest firmware


Great News, thank you 1F!

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Kudos to Onefinity for updating software so quickly. This was a good UI decision. I have made goofs on my other CNC, which has a 22” touchscreen, and could only imagine how easy it would be on a 7” touchscreen.

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We take community feedback VERY seriously.


Great job on follow up to suggestions!

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