Dust container location / Megaton dust separator

Hey Jerry,

(Continuing the discussion from Proper Grounding; How have you grounded your frame?)

[…Not a proper location for a VFD…]

This dust separator looks like the Megaton CPS-146MD. Are you satisfied with it?

But what do you do when the dust container is full? Isn’t it a bit difficult to reach as it is?

Yeah that’s wild, it looks identical to the Megaton. It works well hooked up to a Fein Turbo vacuum, but it could certainly use a larger dust collection setup. I tried to smash everything into the CNC table when I built it… which just made everything an unnecessary pain lol. I’m reminded of this every time I have to empty the dust container. The next CNC build will be much better thought out! And safer/low EMI, thanks to all your info.