Dust extraction

I dont own a lot of tools yet that require dust extraction: onefinity on the way. sander, miter saw. Will the ridged with 5.0 Peak power be good? or should i get the 6.0 or 6.5 they on sale now

5.0 would be more than enough. I use a Ridgid 4.5 with great success. There are several discussions on this if you search on the forum you will find many options and setups.


Thank you. ill pick one up today. yeah i found some cyclone setups Kinda why i figured i was getting a ridged one:) like the idea with the pvc pipe holding the bucket or sealing 2 buckets together

I have both a DustDeputy as well as the DustStopper and I would recommend the DustStopper its both cheaper, snaps directly to a 5g bucket and much lower profile.

I just picked up the DustStopper since my Dust Deputy won’t fit in my new cabinets. Hopefully it will work as well - never had an issue with the DD. Taylor Tools makes a similar unit to the DustStopper, but 1/4 the cost. The only down side is the connections don’t seem to be a standard 2.5" despite being advertised as such. I think the outlet is 2" according to the reviews.


Thanks for the the recommendations from this post and other similar threads. I purchased a solution today as well.

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Lol that is exactly what i bought yesterday.

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Maybe a silly question but what about using hooking it up to traditional dust collector such as a: Delta 50-767, Just an example from the web Yes I know more expensive and work but if you already have it…

Just use a blast gate and diameter knock down at the machine.

Can I assume this works fine?


Yes that would work fine, suction is suction the only reason I did not hook it to my garage-wide dust collection is its a big 3/4hp 220v Laguna system and when I’m running my CNC for a 12 hr carve its much cheaper to run a small Ridgid (or whatever) than my big system.

But it will certainly do the job and then some.


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One concern I did see for this type of approach was potential to overheat the dust collector. It is designed for the flow of the port size it has so assuming a 4 or 5" port you lose a lot of square inch surface area when shrinking to 2.25" (less than 1/3rd)

Fair enough I just ran the numbers:

Delta dust collector: 120V x 12 Amps=1440
https://www.ridgid.com/us/en/12-gallon-nxt-wet-dry-vac 120x9= 1080

or in quick dirty terms you save 25% in energy with a shop vac

I have been led to believe that a Shop Vac type of vac is not designed to run for such long periods of time. Also the Shop Vac has a high pitch sound that is harder on hearing. For that reason I purchased a WEN shop vac from Amazon for $112 or so to allow longer run times and cut the decibels.


Oddly, Stumpy Nubs just did a video on dust collection where he covers the difference between a shop vac and a dust collection (single stage, and multi-stage). As @Hermsen.BJ mentioned, dust collections systems are designed to move air at low pressure; shop vacs are designed to move air at high pressure. Decreasing the port size (4" to 2.5") does not change the pressure, only the volume. So you will not get the same amount of dust collection when you decrease the port size, you will actually get less. I learned all this the week after I sanded 12 cutting boards with my dust collector connected to my 2" sander port - DOH!

Hope this helps!



TBH i would have went with something like the suggested delta setup the reason i went with the wet/dry vac is im doing everything in a 1.5 bay garage that shares space with lawn equ. If i can make enough money with this i will put up a small building at that point ill do something like the delta (a more permanent solution) that video really helped me thank you…

I use a 110 vac Harbor Freight portable dust collector. I discarded all the parts except the suction motor. I added a 55 gallon drum with a cyclone lid. To plumb it all, I used 4 inch sewer pipe which is light weight, designed to connect one section to the next without fittings, inexpensive and has lots of options for diverting in different directions to provided dust collection in different locations of the shop. With the use of blast gates that are cheap enough on amazon, I get full suction at each location. 4 inch dryer ducts work great at each drop. They are cheap and easily replaced as needed and far more flexible than a traditional dust collector hose.

The harbor freight dust collector can run all day long without having to worry about the life of the motor. I put it outside my shop along (weather protected) with the 55 gallon drum and control it with a wireless remote. It is very efficient and more importantly, virtually silent. Even it you run it inside the shop it produces far less noise than a “Shop Vac” style collector. With a 55 gallon drum collecting all the dust, I can run it for months at a time before I need to empty it.


I dont mean to be rude but this feels like your telling me to build a spaceship to go next door. Dust extraction for a miter saw, router, onefinity. In a 1.5 bay car garage that shares itself with lawn Equ. 55 gal drums with 4 inch sewer pipe?

I also recommend the dust collection video Stumpy Nubs that Tom mentioned and linked.

He mentions several good points. When using HVAC dusts and connectors because of availability and cost, pay attention to the orientation of sheet metal seams and connections. Make sure seams and connector ends do not collect dust and debris as air flows.

HVAC ducting is designed for air flow away from the blower. Since air flows in the opposite manner for dust collection, pay attention to the orientation of parts.

Watch the video. It’s short and to the point.


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@St0mp, Point taken. No offence taken either. My solution for dust extraction is obviously not for everyone. My shop is outside the city. I can crank up the Radio, and have ample room. I understand that some have their machines in a spare bedroom in an apartment building. My setup would definitely draw some unwanted attention there. I suppose there is really no wrong answer there and the best choice is dependent on your individual situation.

Yeah i ended up going with a Ridged Wet/dry vac with dustoper. I hope it will be fine. i do got plans for a new building but that is a few years more down the road.

Same stuff I got also except got the 6.5 shop vac because it was on sale