Easel Pro direct to Onefinity

Dream come true if the OF could be controlled directly with easel. Maybe if we post more on the subject OF would consider this as a possibility.

Its not really a OF decision it would have to be something that Inventables allows and creates in the Easel software. I’m sure its technically possible, but OF kinda competes with their X-Carve business.


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AHHHH I see I guess is makes sense from that point of view.

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HI @kevan and @DMHamm Well I know this is an old thread and y’all may have moved on but did anyone find a hack so Easel will work directly with 1F? I looked for a post by @charleyntexas but didn’t see one regarding this issue.

I haven’t found a hack to make Easel work directly yet. I’d love to have one… My guess is that it can be done with the correct set-up codes… I think. Thanks, Kevan

Take a look at this feature request with temporary workaround : Onefinity out of the box share for uploading gcode from network

I have never written a post processor. As simple as they may look when you view them in a text file, they are fickle creatures in that every thing has to be in the correct order and the use of special characters such as [ ] is crucial. There is a post processor available that works perfect with V Carve and is specifically written for the X Carve in both inch and metric versions. I haven’t tried to use it with the 1F and Easel though.

I am guessing that you are trying to use Easel for a design platform rather than a gcode sender. Easel does allow you to export gcode that will run on various machines. The gcode that easel creates is fairly generic as gcode goes until you get into Mach3 code. My guess is that if you generate code for an X Carve it would run on the 1F but I have never attempted it. I could easily be wrong in that assumption.


Thanks Charley. I am using it as a design platform and it is quite easy to get gcode over to the OF. I am used to setting up the machine and homing it directly using Easel, the OF doesn’t allow that, which is not a big deal, it’s just another steep learning curve. Thanks for your help.

Hi Easel friends. I have a question regarding feed rate. In easel I created a project and asked for 120 ipm and a plunge rate of 60. When i downloaded gcode to the computer und uploaded it to OF it changed the feed to 100mm per minute. I switched it to imperial on the control (touch screen) and it gave me 3.94 ipm. what did I do wrong. @blaghislain @kevan @DMHamm or anyone else who can help me out! thank you!

At the moment and until Onefinity decide to change the default units of measure you will need to use metric. For example 120 ipm corresponds to 3048 mm/min. For some unknown reason the software is dividing the in/min by 25.4 instead of multiplying it so that is why you got the 3.94 in/min.

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I never found a way to make Easel work directly with the 1F. The web interface isn’t bad, and I don’t have to do a manual transfer so it isn’t that much of a hassle. I just download the gcode files to a folder on my shop computer and then use the web interface to upload it to the 1F. Gets to be a bit of a pain if I am doing multiple passes, but that is just the cost of doing business I guess.

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Thanks @DMHamm I appreciate the reply. Does OF keep the feed cut settings you put into Easel?

Yes. I have sped up the finishing passes significantly (since I am only taking out a tiny amount of material and there is virtually no side-cutting), and it really reduced the carving time.

Thank you @DMHamm I have to scratch my head on this one because i set the feed rate in easel but once imported to OF the rate goes to 100?? I’m sure its a setting but I just don’t know which one. Sorry to keep bothering with my issues.

Not to state the obvious, but you selected ‘Manual’ in the Cut Settings in Easel - right? You have to do that for each workpiece. Also - are you using the free version or Easel Pro? (I have Pro.)

I did select manual and I am using pro. I just made a new file and switched it to mm thinking that may solve the issue but no luck. I’m not sure if I should reach out to OF or easel or posar it as a topic here. I want to be able to run slower or faster and I’m stuck at a static feed and plunge rate.

The only thing I have left is to make sure you are on the latest update. Sorry - really don’t know what the issue could be. Good luck!

Try using carbide create (free) and creating a file with a different feed rate…if it runs correctly, you know it’s easel.

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Thank you @pootaholic so I should save and download files as metric with whatever feed I want and once uploaded to OF it will run at that speed? Is that right