Engraving help Fusion 360

Hello Fusion users. I’m needing help figuring out why my bit is cutting inside the geometries circled instead of outside. Everything else is working fine except for this area. Thank you for your help!
Engrave Issue v1.f3d (2.6 MB)

Hello Stephen,

Hover over the yellow alert triangle next to the last toolpath. You will see it says:

Open contours is the problem.
So open the engraving toolpath and unselect all the contours then start adding them back in one by one until you find the one that is open and gives the error message.

Since that area you circled is the problem that is where I started - just select those. Do not select the bottom face as the contour - select the bottom edges. Trial and error has shown me that face selection for contours is not as reliable.

Now as the message says lower the tolerance.
Screenshot 2024-05-26 210231

Even .001 tolerance works but .0004 does not in this case.
By the way - it is the outside of that profile area that is the not closed contour.

Before you do anything you can duplicate that toolpath and use the copy with the higher tolerance and using face selection for all the other areas to make it easier - just get fussier with this one problem area.


Thank you, Chris! You’ve once again helped me out of a bind. I really appreciate your expertise and willingness to explain things so thoroughly. Thanks again!