F360 Engrave Toolpath Help

I do not understand why you cannot choose and inside or outside tool direction with the engrave function in Fusion 360. I’m trying to engrave some geometry and it cuts to the outside of the lines. I want the inside to be cut to where it creates sharp corners. Any insight as to why this isn’t working would be greatly appreciated. I only have a couple geometries selected in the file below to show what I am talking about.

ELEPHANT DISH v4.f3d (1.0 MB)

I’m not in front of Fusion at the moment so I can’t open the file but Fusion wants to cut inside of a closed vector with the v-carve toolpath. If you are selecting a letter and the a box around it then it will want to cut between the letter and box. Try selecting one closed vector and see how it does.

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Hi Stephen - I did some playing around and managed to fix the problem. The issue seems to be the top and bottom locations. I changed the toolpath to start from the bottom (which is top-0.625) and cut to the bottom of the stock (probably not a great idea, but given the geometry, not a problem here). See attached screen shot with the differences in tool paths. You obviously need to do what is right, but I think my second tool path works for your purposes.

As an aside, I would remove lead in/lead out from your contour cuts - you will have issues on the final retract otherwise. See below.

Hope this helps.


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