Engraving text without solid stock in f360

Hello, I am new to Fusion 360 and had an incident the other day where I bored straight through my work piece and into my table while trying to engrave some text.

I use a 2D contour pocket as the toolpath operation and used a 1/4" bit. I did not draw a blank for the text to engrave into since I figured I could just offset my heights and drawing a blank would not be required. I manually zeroed my machine on the bottom left corner of my work piece. My intention was to pocket an 1/8" into my workpiece but I ended up going straight through my work piece and about 1/8" into my table.

All that to ask the question, do I need to have my blanks drawn in Fusion 360 to engrave text or do you not need to do that I and just set my heights incorrectly? I’ve attached the file for reference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

CN STEVE v1.f3d (167.2 KB)

I only had a quick look but I don’t see something obviously wrong in the file.

From the description, it looks as if you had zeroed the Z axis off your table and not the top of your piece (in the attached Fusion 360 file, you define your coordinate system with Z at the top of the piece).

Alternatively you may have changed the bit and forgot to zero Z for the new bit.


One thing I forgot to mention is that I dont believe I homed the machine before running the program. Not sure if that played a factor. Also, from my initial post, I should have clarified better that I zeroed my machine at the bottom left corner of the TOP of my workpiece.

But what I gathered from your response is that I shouldn’t need to have a blank drawn for my program to run correctly?

Thanks so much for looking into it for me.

Ah! I post-processed the g-code, there’s a warning that may explain the problem:

Indeed I only had a quick look and I did not noticed but you have only drawn the sketch. The part is not modelled at all.

I’m not sure that I can help: I have never created pockets like this. I always extrude a 3D part in CAD and configure the paths on the 3D model.
From the warning it would appear that Fusion 360 cannot set the WCS correctly… (the part coordinates) and you have a coordinate problem. There might a link there…

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Gotcha! Ill try it with actually modeling the blank and see if that helps. Thank you for your time!

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