EP 11 Onefinity Saves Christmas - Customized Serving Tray

It’s holiday season, and you know what that means - gifts, gifts, gifts. With so many gatherings, it’s hard to keep track. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a quick gift, Onefinity is here to help!
In this video, Morgan took a generic, store-bought item, and transformed it into a unique, personalized gift in about 2 hours, start to finish. The original item was an acacia serving tray with a Christmas-themed laser etched design. With a simple rectangular pocket and an engraving, the CNC turned this generic product into a one of a kind piece in record time! If you’ve ever found yourself in a pinch, your Onefinity CNC can be the hero you need.

Bits used:

Thanks for watching, and have a happy New Year!

Joy To Darlene.crv (1.2 MB)
Joy To Darlene.dxf (202.6 KB)