EP5 Onefinity CNC - Quick & Easy CNC Clamp Rack

Check out this SUPER simple clamp rack you can make with your CNC. This week, we talk about the importance of measuring your material before designing and programming toolpaths.

Going from digital space to the real world can be difficult at times - make sure you have all the tools you need to make that leap. In other words. In other words, get yourself a caliper!

This video is more of a PSA about how to be successful in cutting mating parts on the CNC. If you’re interested in making this clamp rack for yourself, check out the more detailed instructional video HERE.

Vcarve files with pre-programmed toolpaths, as well as .svg and .dxf files are available for FREE on Onefinity’s user forum here…

Clamp Rack.zip (360.0 KB)


Detailed walkthrough here:


A very useful project in the shop!