Oops clamp rack

Not fancy. But it helps with the clutter


Very nice!!! Might have to copy your idea!

Share the file! Looks great!

I would gladly share the file but I don’t know how. I’m obviously not pc literate. I am using V-Carve Pro. But I am far from pro.

Hello David,

Just save the GCode which you probably already did since you created on for yourself then hit the “Upload” button in this window (image below) and click insert and it will attach the file to your reply.



there are 4 oops clamp rack 8 rectangles 1_8em.ngc (12.4 KB)
oops clamp rack hex pocket 1_8em.ngc (22.6 KB)
oops clamp rack 4 rectangles 1_8em.ngc (7.0 KB)
oops clamp rack 24 holes 1_8 em.ngc (109.8 KB)
I hope this works for folks


Dusty…I love this forum and watch it regularly and there is a lot to learn. I have to laugh and congratulate you as a PRO! i thank you for sharing, I fought my machine as a rookie struggling to figure out the AMP versus VOLT as stall parameters and finally today got the right combination and my machine homing is perfect!
Thanks Alex for helping and sharing your advice.

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Thanks a Ton David!

Appreciate you sharing those with the forum.


You and everyone are more than welcome .I have certainly gotten a great deal more from you and so many others, I am so greatful to this format and how well it is managed.
Thank you

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Anyone have a .crv vectric file for these?

I would suggest messaging the OP for the native.crv file.

Dave did I leave the wrong files
What is OP and native crv file

OP = Original poster. Native file = The default file format that a software application is designed to work with.

SPES wanted the original file/s rather than just the gcode (.ngc) files you posted.

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i hope this is what was asked forhold down rack.crv (582 KB)