Error: Cannot home x axis: Not mapped to motor

Total Noobie - Haven’t even gotten to resurface my wasteboard yet. I was in tool and disabled the PWC spindle (because I don’t have one - big mistake) then put it back. Reset the software from admin to see if I could reset it all, but no luck.

Dead in the water…

Not mapped to drive

enabling or disabling the PWC spindle shouldn’t harm anything. Have you rebooted at all after resetting the configuration?

Thanks - I rebooted for the 100th time and it cleared

Hey Mike… It appears you are experiencing issues with your controller that you should not be dealing with. Please send an email to and we’ll get things fixed up for you. Sorry for the trouble! Talk soon…


I have this symptom also. New machine. Powered on this morning for the first time. Get these message “not mapped to motor” for x,y, and z. I’ve sent a message to info@onefinity… with screen shots.

FYI. Control box fan is not running when powered on.

This happened to me when I got my machine in February 2021.

Contact support. They will give you a series of steps to try and will ultimately send you a replacement controller with a return shipping box.

It would be faster if one of the fix/diagnostic steps works. You would get it running right away. But for me, It ended up requiring a replacement controller.

I would recommend asking that they send you all the steps to do to troubleshoot. I was doing this one task at a time and based on how busy the support group is, it took all day. It was mostly waiting for responses and the next step to try.