Y axis wont work

Hi guys I have a an error message come up
" |Level|Message|
| — | — |
|error|Motor 1 driver fault. A potentially damaging electrical condition was detected and the motor driver was shutdown. Please power down the controller and check your motor cabling. See the “Motor Faults” table on the “Indicators” for more information.|

Motor faults Motor 1 B! is red

The only way i can reset the machine is to turn off power to motor 1

Any one any ideas please

Hey Darren,

did you follow the instructions that the error message told you?

Did you check cabling?

Troubleshooting: Motor doesn’t move

Indicators Tab → Motor Faults

Thanks for the reply
Contacted support yesterday and after trying several things a new controller is on route to me just been notified its due Tuesday 7th
Fantastic support from Onefinity

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