Movement issues


After working fine for a whole day post downgrading my firmeware to something that actually works, I wake up and over night my machine wont home properly (stall current not changed), my X doesn’t seem to move, or sometimes does, there is horrible noise and seems like the X rail is being pushed unevenly when Y motors are working.
the only change I can think of is the change in the shop temperature , it is now 14c so don’t believe this would be an issue.

everything has been fine the past 2 weeks have been an absolute nightmare, one issue after the other. any help greatly appreciated.

Furthermore just realised my X axis has disappeared

Hey Mo,

if you have issues when the two Y rails stepper motors are moving (or should move), I think you should first check two things:

  1. the manufacturer’s assembly instructions do not include a safe method to ensure the rectangularity of the machine. Many users have already noticed that after assembling, their machine was not “square”. Your machine could be a parallelogram instead of a rectangle. This can be checked with a method like this.

    Even a slight deviation from the absolute right angle can affect the operation of the ball screws and cause them to block.

  2. If your stepper motors don’t move as they should, you should know that the Cable Connectors used on Onefinity are the weak spot on the Onefinity (not the controller), especially in combination with the lack of strain relief on this machine. As someone who has assembled and troubleshot many computers, I can’t have a good opinion of such tin-plated connector contacts. The Onefinity CNC manufacturer addresses possible connector problems in this FAQ document.

    The flimsy and error-prone connectors were inherited from the Buildbotics controller, of which the Onefinity controller is a hardware and software fork. They may seem annoying, but one should always keep in mind that professional, industry-standard connectors would make the machine much more expensive, and since the Onefinity CNC machine addresses hobbyists, the low price of entry is an important argument.

    You can make your own (maybe custom length) cables (howto crimping info is here), however you need to procure you a correct matching crimping pliers as they are specified here (scroll down a bit).

The Onefinity CNC manufacturer addresses various rails movement problems in this FAQ document:

Hey Mo,

  1. What is the X stepper motor’s status (on the bottom of Indicators Tab)?

  2. Is the motor correctly assigned to the axis in its Motor Tab?

@Aiph5u thanks for the reply, @OnefinityCNC got back to me on an email I sent, and it turns out “the machine may need a reset from time to time”!!!
sure enough, I followed the instructions on the link below and it was resolved immediately. Still bemused about how its OK for the machine to through hissy fits like this considering I left it the night before and everything was working great.

no harm done, great customer service, but as someone who typically only has some evenings and weekends to work on this I have just lost roughly 2 weeks, first with the buggy upgrade and now pretty much most of a Saturday, I wish the trouble shootings could take place prior to release of software updates and not be expected from the user to undergo this challenge, I surely did not go down the CNC route to be troubleshooting software bugs…