Onefinity X-axis stepper motor is jiggling

My onefinity Journeyman started to develop a problem in the x-axis travel. Mid-way into a carve the x-axis motion jumps or jiggles and gets off the Datum I set using the touch plate. This happens without notice. When I stop and restart, it will start cutting along the tool path and at point it will creep or jitter and get off again. Is this a stepper motor issue, or something else?

Does it do that at the same point in your carve every time? If so, there may be too many nodes in your toolpath. In VCarve, you can edit the nodes to reduce their numbers, I don’t know about other software. If it’s random, there could be numerous causes such as bad cable, motor, etc.

Hey Ken,

this is a frequently asked question. We have a search function here.

Onefinity provides a help file which deals with many kinds of blocking of an axis:

I would check all points one by one to see why your carriage does not move anymore in the middle of the axis.

There are three causes that are not mentioned in the document above:

  1. Should your machine not be properly rectangular (“squared”), the Y movement can block.

  2. And the second possible cause not mentioned in the document above is: This mysterious issue some time ago.

  3. Electromagnetic interference (EMI), as e.g. mentioned here.

You 100% have a wire issue in x.

Follow this faq to determine which wire is the issue

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