Failed to Parse Loat error

Hi guys!

Can anyone please tell me what the issue and solution might be to this error?

I basically start the machine to do a cut and it stops within a few seconds with this error below and I have to then Home everything from scratch and try again. Frustrating because I cant get it in exactly the same position again when I zero x and y to redo the same cut.

Same thing occasionally happens and I get this error:

Im currently using the trial version of Easel just because VCarve does not export anything but the free files they give you to work with. I will get VCarve Pro, just not right now.

Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on this please?

Thanks much!

Update on this if anyone is interested…

I moved all the electrical cables away from the controler and I also moved the router cable so it is haning from above the workarea. So basically making sure no other electrical cables come near any of the 1F’s cables if that makes sense?

So far I have been able to run the exact same code/file I had MULTIPLE issues with before without any problem.

Im figuring this must me due to EMI from the router perhaps because if I run the same code (before moving the cables as above) without running the routher, everything works fine.

Hope that helps if anyone else has similar issues.

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