Festool hose which clip

Hi OF community, apologies in advance for the basic question this is my first foray into CNC/woodworking and dust collection. I purchased the 3d printer files from Rowdy Roman’s Etsy and have constructed the hose boom for supporting the hose with dust collection.

The Festool hose that came with the CT Midi is approx 39mm in diameter and the Fein clips I believe are made for a 35mm hose. Unfortunately there are only 1.5" / 2.5" and Fein clips provided in the download and i’m wondering if the fein clips pinching the hose will either cause blockages or damage the hose over time?

That said I didn’t want something so loose that it was moving about all over the place. Thoughts/advice?

While I’ll be using a CT-26, I chose to bypass the Festool hose and go with a 2.5" hose and the coupler to fit the Festool vacuum

What was the reasoning there?

You could scale the clip a little in Cura or what ever slicer your using. I dont believe Rowdy had a file for the festool hose.

Thanks for the suggestion, if I scale it that much it won’t clip in at the sides

Oh I wasnt thinking about those clips.
You could export to fusion and cut it in half scale up everything but the clip

While disregarding the ID’s vs OD’s of the two size hoses, the 2.5" diameter hose has 2.9 times the area of the 37mm hose. This plays into the air FLOW vs Suction discussion, which is well described in a video here

I had the Fein hose (same size as Festool) and used the PWNCNC V8 boot with a 90º elbow. Ended up cutting maple and got thin strips of wood jammed in the elbow which then plugged it up. So I switched to a 2.5" hose (4X the volume) but haven’t gotten to give it a real test yet. I also found the 2.5" hose makes less noise from the airflow.

In case anyone needs this, after contacting Rowdy Roman who at time of writing had a back log of hose sizes to create I modded the fein clip file to increase the diameter of clip to accommodate the slightly larger Festool hose, sacrificing one of the arms for spindle water supply mainly as I’m using the router and only needed one additional clip for the tool wire to travel.

Thanks for the tips and advice.

You can download over at Prusa below.


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Don’t take this the wrong way but did @RowdyRoman give you permission to publicly distribute a remix of his design? Most creative common licenses prevent this without permission. He is pretty cool dude but I know I would be upset if someone remixed one of my designs that I sell and distributed it publicly.

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@TheyCallMeJohn thanks for letting me know and looking out for me! We did talk though and I am okay with him posting it. I also allowed a guy post a 4” clip on the Facebook group if anyone is looking


Thanks both & apologies, just to clarify I wasn’t intending to cause any confusion or upset and linked to the RR products on etsy because they’re outstanding! I just thought it may be useful for others. A bit a bit of naivety on my part on the licensing - happy to remove at any point now or in the future when there is an official part made for this hose :slight_smile:

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@InNox, sounds like you are all good man to keep it up.