Few pics start to almost finish

That looks to be a very thoughtful and organized installation. May I ask what safety circuit you are using - is it tied to the controller estop? Also, were considering some kind of protective cover over the electronics given their location? I am looking forward to seeing the continuation of this project - I appreciate you taking the time to share your progress.

I have an estop on side of vfd stops spindle dead. And the normal estop on 1f
Going to put a dust cover over the top of it mdf probably.
Vfd mounted now with pot speed override for manual speed control also configuration of other switches like spindle coolant over ride vacuum override, these all come on with m7 & m8 in the gcode but its for overriding it.
VFD turns off 60 seconds after 1f power down now avoiding spikes in the circuits.
1f will have its own power supply filter when it arrives.

I thought I spotted a timer delay dial on one of your DIN rail components. I find this part of the process exciting.

That is exactly the way I want my set up to be alike! Thanks a lot for the inspiring pictures!!!


Few pics from fitting homing switches today and control panel.


Vfd fitted and manual control panel to the side of it.

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Love the updates - it is great to see the innovation and build progress. I am currently fine tuning and testing the fit of the design for my limit switch mounts. How did you attach the two printed components to the aluminum blocks? Also, what type of sensor/switch is contained inside the little black box?

Its purely a micro switch grounding pin 3 and 5
I superglue them on give the metal a good clean and they stick fine.

Little flow indicator works.


Great idea to have the flow meter right on top of the spindle like that!

all i can say is WOW

That’s finished.


nicely organized and clean installation. You must be happy with the result. Is this panel and its components mainly for the spindle and associated accessories? What function did you assign to your three relays? Also, what is the top left component which gives V/A/W digital readout used for?

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Power meter like you say displays watts VA or cosine.
All opto couplers are off break out board, and these in turn switch power relays for below;
1 vacuum m8
2 spindle coolant m7
3 off 1F for delay off for the vfd
4 spare
Timer for delay off of vfd
Individual MCB,s for vacuum, coolant pump VFD and 1F
I did not use any relays off the VFD as I keep it all under one controller the 1F
Low voltage power supply for the opto coupler circuits.
Left connector in there for expansion.
Just need an mdf dust cover now although my vacuum gets 99% of it.
I’ve 3D printed all parts on the 1F and just on with the holder at the top to hold 50mm duct straight and over the back of the spindle.
The spindle is almost noiseless best move I made.
There’s an emi filter on the 1F and when other arrives there will be one on the VFD, I put these on as I was getting interference on the monitor when spindle kicked in, also screened cable CY-OZ halped massively.


Thank you for taking the time to describe the build - please keep the updates coming. As someone who is also enjoying the opportunity to build my controller and print accessories, I really enjoy seeing work like yours.

Just starting on the dust extraction assist.

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It looks interesting, looking forward to the final structure with connected extraction. BTW, do the black and red wires lead to a switch/sensor of some sort? Looks like you have a bolt with a 3D printed cover on the z axis mount attached to those wires.

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It’s a z axis switch, I don’t relie on homing current I’ve changed to end stop homing switches.
Much more forgiving on the equipment.

With my controller I am using proximity switches for homing - I wondered about the physicality of the 1F homing process. I plan to make my own homing sensors based on hall effect sensors. I found a great post started on CNCZone that I will use for inspiration. Results of those using them show excellent precision and repeatability.