Few pics start to almost finish


Michael why do you insist on making me look so bad!! Seriously, your setup looks great and detailed, well done!

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Thank you for sharing your work. Is that a contactor for controlling power to the spindle?

One turns coolant on for spindle m8
One turns vacuum extraction on m7
And ones a soft delay off for the VFD so it goes off after 1F is turned of 60’ later.
Quite a bit of tidying up yet, create them on 3d printer etc all takes so much time.


Thought ide build a proper controller for it, hate dangling cables and trial period

and testing over with.


I love a well laied out panel & raceway! Looking really good.

You are amazing ! That is a thing to behold. Could you share the lug #s on the vfd and what it is controlling?

Yeh ill do a drawing and post will be better.
Just done this VFD holder and switch panel.


Waiting for a few fuse holders and 5v power supply yet so not quite finished.

Put it on did a little test run.
Fitted coolant tank.
Cable tidy on sides.
Still waiting on 5 vdc power supply and glass fuse holders.


That looks to be a very thoughtful and organized installation. May I ask what safety circuit you are using - is it tied to the controller estop? Also, were considering some kind of protective cover over the electronics given their location? I am looking forward to seeing the continuation of this project - I appreciate you taking the time to share your progress.

I have an estop on side of vfd stops spindle dead. And the normal estop on 1f
Going to put a dust cover over the top of it mdf probably.
Vfd mounted now with pot speed override for manual speed control also configuration of other switches like spindle coolant over ride vacuum override, these all come on with m7 & m8 in the gcode but its for overriding it.
VFD turns off 60 seconds after 1f power down now avoiding spikes in the circuits.
1f will have its own power supply filter when it arrives.

I thought I spotted a timer delay dial on one of your DIN rail components. I find this part of the process exciting.

That is exactly the way I want my set up to be alike! Thanks a lot for the inspiring pictures!!!


Few pics from fitting homing switches today and control panel.


Vfd fitted and manual control panel to the side of it.

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Love the updates - it is great to see the innovation and build progress. I am currently fine tuning and testing the fit of the design for my limit switch mounts. How did you attach the two printed components to the aluminum blocks? Also, what type of sensor/switch is contained inside the little black box?

Its purely a micro switch grounding pin 3 and 5
I superglue them on give the metal a good clean and they stick fine.