File Conversion Service?

A big door prize for growing older is that you forget things, particularly information that you deliberately tuck away with the intent to recall it. It’s kind of like squirrels and their nuts. Did you know that they rarely remember exactly where they stash and that they litter their range with stashes so they’ll run across food - even if by dumb luck? Maybe that’s something to try. Perhaps a notebook is a good place to start.

Anyway, I thought there was a thread here a little while ago discussing companies or individuals that/who will take your 2D photograph and turn it into a well-detailed 3D file ready for tool paths. As I recall, the cost is quite reasonable and in many cases the quality is excellent. Does anyone remember this thread? If so, could you take a second to point it out?



Not as easy as one would hope for.

I followed this Prusa From 2D to 3D. How to turn a picture or a photo into a 3D model? blog post for a picture of a lighthouse we had with less than acceptable results. I had planned on pulling the resulting image into Vectric for tool paths. I’m sure the quality/details of the picture have everything to do with the results…

Michael Mezalick has an interesting approach that I’ve not tried with How to create a 3D model from a JPG using Vectric’s Aspire.

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Thanks, Craig. Yes, you are right. This seems to me to be a process that requires quite a bit of skill and that has a fairly steep learning curve. For the few times I’ll ever need to do something like this, the “cost” of learning how to do it well is considerably higher than the fee for having a talented and skilled soul take on the work and provide something beautiful.

In the thread I’m referring to, there is a post with three suggested people/companies that do this kind of work. Their examples were excellent and the cost was entirely reasonable. Dang it, I wish I could REMEMBER!


Interesting… please update if you find it.

Will do. 20 characters.

I supposed you could try someone on Fiverr? I’ve used them in the past for different graphics related work and was happy with their work. It’s been a while though… doesn’t look like there is much for $5 anymore.

Have you tried Etsy? There are several individuals create 3D models out of a photo at a very reasonable price. I have purchased 3D models from 3DmodelsNICK on Etsy and the models were very well detailed. 3DmodelsNICK | Etsy
I have also purchased other SVG files from various people on Etsy as well. Hope it helps.