File error please help

Can someone tell me why this means? My first attempt at loading a file

Few questions:
What type of program did you use to create the file?
Did you home before you loading the file?
Are you on the latest firmware 1.0.5?

vcarve pro
Machine was homed
Yes sir I updated earlier today .

I also just tried to run the test file and I’m getting error on that also. Says Z axis position is greater than maximum soft limit while executing.

Thanks for the help


I think I had the same issue.

Where is the Z axis mounted? I had mine mounted in the top holes. The controller knows its limits and throws an error when it can’t reach to where you have your project at.

See my post Link

I have mine in the middle hole. Should I try lowering it? The first file I was trying was my flatten the spoilboard

Yes that is what I ended up doing. You can move it back up if you have a project that will require it in the future. I have left mine in the lowest position for now.

ok thanks I am going to give that a try.

Well one the bolt heads just stripped out so guess I’m done until I buy more bolts. High quality machine should have a bolt than can be taken out and put back in more than once. Thanks again for the help.

I had bought the dewalt hex bit set for my driver handle. Didn’t really like using the the hex allen keys afraid of what you just did. I did it on my previous CNC and had to drill out the screws.

It is exceptionally bad programming practice to dump a trace log to the screen and force the user to figure out the error. Something as simple as a boundary condition not being met (if that is the cause) is definitely something that should be trapped and result in a friendly UI message.


Are you using standard or metric Allen key? If it was the right fit… Striping the head would require some impressive over torque. (of which I am guilty on many occasion as more is better… No?)

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Well as you can see I’m not a Guru at CNC. I was simply looking for some help. I got some helpful information so to those people I’m grateful. If my questions are to simple or offend you I’m sorry. One day maybe I’m a Guru just hope I remember the day I didn’t know everything.

It went in simple and did not over tighten. When I went to remove noticed the head was stripped.

Sounds like maybe a bad screw at that point.

Nick - my comments were NOT directed at you; where were directed at the OF staff. Sorry for the confusion.


That would be baked into buildbotics code :wink:

@OnefinityCNC - fair, but still part of the product. In my mind, it’s a package deal :slight_smile: