File Management

My machine hasn’t even arrived yet, but I’ve been busy designing everything from enclosures to spoilboards and various hold downs and jigs to simple projects to try later. I use Sketchup Pro for more detailed CAD and Vcarve Pro for most everything else. I already have an impressive number of files generated. So, for those of you who have been at this awhile, what organizing principals do you employ for keeping track of all the CAD, CAM, gcode, etc. files you have?

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I organize by project name and then subtle for design and gcode files. Initially I had more structure but naturally stopped using it.

Essentially the same as BJ. Though I use Fusion, so all the CAD/CAM files are in there. I keep the gcode, any STLs, and PCBs together in the project folder. Now that Fusion has PCB support, I might start keeping them there, and only export the gerber files. My folder is flat unless I need to version for some reason, but usually just use the files names and append the version number.