Finally setup…mostly

Well, it’s at least it’s screwed down. I welded 2x2 sq tubes and used some locking casters. My space is limited so the table is smaller than I want. Used some scrap plywood for a lower shelf. Still to do: spoil board, enclosure, drag chains, drawer for bits, and on and on.
Couple of questions…

  1. The touch probe jack seems awfully big. Is the brass looking insert really gonna go in the hole?
  2. I have the Logitech F710 and am struggling to figure out all the functions. Anyone else leading the way on this one and can feed me knowledge?
    Can’t wait to get going, but this is a start.

yes. It’s a hard push though. The plug is slotted so will compress.

Thx. Kinda a mismatch…lol.

Yeah, I was a bit worried myself when I was setting it up. Made me cringe to shove it as hard as I needed to. I was expecting a more traditional 2 or 3mm solid plug. But the way it’s designed, it will definitely not fall out.

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