Flashed Lastest Firmware and comms with my VFD has been impacted

I finally got around to upgrading my firmware from 1.1.1 to the latest version via flashing a new SD card.

I have two issues: one annoying, one disabilling. 1. my wifi controller needs reconfiguring (mode change) whenever I use it after it has disconnected/gine to sleep. Annoying, but not a showstopper.

  1. My real issue is the latter. The controller no longer communicates spindle speed requests to my VFD.

What I Did:

  1. I maticulously screen snagged all my existing controller settings.
  2. I flashed a new SD card with the latest firmware image
  3. I replaced the old SD card with the newly imaged card
  4. Switched on the controller.
  5. I re-typed in my previous controller settings. I used the custom VFD tool setup.
  6. The controller and VFD communicate with each other (no comms error messages, it is a modbus comms setup).
  7. The controller is unable to make the spindle turn either via a gcode file or midi instruction.

Next Action:

  1. Ask the forum if anyone has experienced this or has any suggestions
  2. put the old previously working sd card into the controller and see if that still works.

The latter action i will do tomorrow.

Any and all thoughts welcome. I hope it is something daft i’ve done.

Hey Andy,

and did you check by reinserting the old SD card that it still works with it?

You did not forget that you have to input an S value greater zero to have the M3 command to have an effect?

You may also simply save a configuration on the ADMIN page instead, and reload the configuration later.

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Hi @Aiph5u , I hoped you would respond :grin:.

I haven’t put the old sd card back yet (a few family tasks to do first). also It is a fiddle as i have mounted my controller under the table. Which must be ok as i had little dust accumulation inside the controller.

I did use a ‘S’ . Although i also doubted myself with respect midi so i created a small 2mm deep pocket file, which loaded but failed to fire the spindle into action.

With The configuration i have the VFD sends the spindle RPM back to the 1F controller which then presents the gcode requested speed alongside the VFD speed. what might be interesting to share is that the returning VFD speed to the controller is not 0 (whether running gcode or idle) but some random 2-digit number around 54 rpm. It varies +/- 4 rpm but essentially a stable number. Makes me think the controller is getting a rogue signal. I haven’t changed the VFD config (i shouldnt need to) and controller states thay comms are good.

Note: My control cable is shielded. Also i have not changed anything else. Note whilst it is a bit nippy in the UK my shed is rarely below 5 degC.

Hey Andy,

always glad if I can be there for you :slight_smile:

Great, gymnastics! :slight_smile:

I would try that first since with new firmware you never know.

But what you describe could rather be that you impacted the proper connection somehow when fiddling with the open controller while exchanging the card. Bad connection or something like that. I would check the seat of the DB-25 I/O connector. It is a source of faulty connection, as was reported sometimes.

Agree. The connector can be flakey. I did give it a tweak. Plus checked the holding screws.

But they are communicating . The VFD is configured to go to stop state and require a reset if a check signal is not received from the controller. But all is good. Likewise the controller states a good connection.

Gymnastics!!: you have the correct image; dusty back from lying on the floor, strained neck muscle from checking and double checking cabling.

I’ll try to get back to my shed soon.

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Hey Andy,

I enjoy that very much too everytime :slight_smile: just have to replace a few hard disks on the computer that is the lowest :frowning: been avoiding for days already

Regarding CNC Controller, I plan to put it next to the VFD control cabinet, would be good for you too at the moment, if it was next to your VFD :slight_smile: . But I know, the Onefinity cables :frowning:

This seems as there is a bad noise over the signal, but the connection is a balanced connection, so it’s rather a bad contact on the connectors I would think. Or a chip failure, be we won’t hope that!

PS: If you put the old SD card in, save a configuration! That avoids typos when screenshooting and re-entering settings.

Food call 2 received, have to leave shortly!


In my haste to attend family business i have left my 1F switched on. Here is a screen from over the network onto my phone of the controller-tool.

Hey Andy,

seems the settings are like in Optidrive E3 VFD. I would also check comm settings.

I would try the old card first.

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I have put the old 1.1.1 sd card back in and… Drum roll…

…spindle communication works again. No tweaking or anything, straight off the bat.

@onefinitydevteam any thoughts on the above issue?

M3 S0

M3 S10000

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Please advise on best solution to issue
that v1.2.1 controller doesnt work for custom VFD whereas v1.1.1 and v1.0.9 do.