For sale, Woodworker 32X32, Montreal, Canada, 4000 CAD

Onefinity CNC Woodworker 32X32. Fully equipped, ready to work. In excellent condition. Purchased on December 21, 2020 and received at the end of March 2021. Montreal area. Pickup only:

1 Onefinity Woodworker CNC (32X32)
1 Controler with 10.8 inch display
1 Onefinity 3 axis touch probe
1 Onefinity joystick
1 Beakout board adapter
2 Pack cable extensions
1 Onefinity Suckit dust boot pro
1 kit of 3D printed support + aluminium and plasic dragchains (cables management)
1 Full aluminium profile table to support the CNC and any cutting board (custom made with MISUMI profile)
1 Makita router
1 Collet Makita 1/8
1 Collet Makita 1/4

24 cnc bits NEW :

3X #111 Ballnose Loc .25 inch 1/16
3X #112 Square 1/16
3X #102 Square 1/8
2X #251 Spiral down 1/4
1X #201 Square 1/4
1X #202 Ballnose 1/4
1X #282Z Square 2mm
1X #274Z Square 1/8
2X #501 PCB engraver 1/8
1X #302 60 degre V cutter
1X #301 90 degre V cutter

1X plastic downcut 1/8 (999908)
1X plastic Square 1/8 (51208)
1X plastic square 1/4 (51216)

2X Square 1/4 (02573)

2 cnc bits USED :
1X Amana #45525 1-1/8 surface
1X HarveyTools (899840) keyseat cutter 1/4

Hello. I don’t even really know what to ask. I am a female with an obsession with cnc machines. I work for an airline for 28 years now on a series of programs so specific that the tech team goes bonkers. So unless I am working I stay away from computers. I don’t want to waste your time but do they have classes to learn how to operate this?
Does this need to be vented outside or is it internal? My husband is an old school very detailed trim carpenter so I am going to give my best pitch. In general, were you happy with this brand ?
Do you know what would be needed to cross the border into the US? My mom is Canadian so I don’t know if that matters or not. I can’t wait to show my husband this. Thank you for your time.

Welcome to the fun house :blush: Lots of helpful folks here if you decide to buy this (or another Onefinity machine).

There are no formal OF provided classes on the machine or CNC in general. But there are a number of YouTube videos that can help get you started. A couple of the folks on the forum have YT channels and show their OF as well as how they do projects.

Check out Andy Bird Builds (he’s using a bigger machine but has good project ideas & process information). Garrett Fromme’s CNC Routers Beginners & Beyond channel has good newbie content. He’s on his 3rd or 4th machine (none of them a OF which may say something about the ones he did buy :blush:). He focuses on using Vectric VCarve for the software. Carbide 3D provides software & hardware but most of us would argue the OF is a better machine than Carbide’s Shapeoko series. Their project & software videos are pretty good though. Mark Lindsay CNC is similar to Garrett Fromme’s channel and he’s a famous Vectric content creator. Inventables is another hardware & software company whose machines are further down market in terms of the machines but have some good software (CAD) and project videos.

Learn Your CNC has some very good content and does offer an excellent paid CNC training course. Well worth checking out. Cyberreefguru (member here and a beta tester for OF) has good content as well.

If you’re looking for in person training, check your local area for a Makerspace. I spent a number of years teaching CNC classes at our local Makerspace. Although we used different hardware the concepts, processes, CAD software and design material was all usable regardless of what machine you have. They’re a great resource for other people who can help in real life.

As for your venting question - you won’t need to vent the CNC but you will need to manage dust extraction using a dust collection system or even a shop vac. If add on a laser head, then you’ll want to look at venting options to the outside due to fumes created by the lasering process.

And in case you couldn’t tell, I’m very happy with the Onefinity. The design & mechanicals hit a sweet spot for value, capability, engineering and quality. The Support team is excellent and this forum is a great resource for community help on just about any question you might have. I think you’ll find this is a near universal sentiment here.

Thank you Jim for this enthusiastic and informative answer :slight_smile:

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Hello Nicky,
As Jim so aptly mentioned, it’s really self-learning, but the Internet is full of information.

Regarding the sale of my CNC, I believe that sending this machine by post will be rather expensive because it is heavy. In addition, I no longer have the original boxes, which complicates things a bit. I do not want to upset you but maybe if you find an individual who sells his and who lives in the United States, I think you could save money. It’s for you to see. Let me know.

Thanking you,


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There are quite a few of the original Buildbotics machines coming up for sale as the new Elite series is now available, many in the US.
In my opinion, for the money you can’t get a better CNC than the Onefinity.


Thank you so much for the information. I can’t wait to look up and share the information with my husband. My best regards.

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