For those of you getting a soft limit error when maxing out your cutting area - Check this out (fusion 360 only)

So I’ve come across this while setting up my wasteboard surfacing program and again today when trying to run a bunch of parts from a 48" x 32" piece of plywood.

I was getting a soft limit error on my Y-axis and it was from a ‘lead in’ feature as part of a 2D pocket in Fusion. You can see this below.

The lead-in and lead-out were happening outside of the workpiece therefore outside of the limits. By unchecking these boxes the toolpath will stay within the boundaries.

Just wanted to share if anyone is having issues with the error. Check your paths and do what you can in CAM to keep the tool paths within the boundaries!

Have fun out there!



You also have the option to specify your lead in and lead out positions elsewhere if you don’t want to have the tool plunge down the wall of your part.


That’s great to know! I’m going to check that out for sure. Thanks!!!

Thanks for sharing. Do you know if there is a similar feature in VCarve? I’ve been struggling with the max limits on my Journeyman as well

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about VCarve. Sorry, I can’t help.

If VCarve shows a preview of the toolpath you may be able to see if there are any lead-in outside of your limits.