Fusion 360 and SpaceMouse

I feel like this is probably such a niche problem that nobody here will be able to help but I figure I will give it a try anyway since googling for a solution didn’t help much.

While I wait for my CNC machine I have been spending a lot of time in CAD and I have discovered an annoyance.

When using my SpaceMouse in Fusion 360 I am only able to Pan/Rotate/Tilt/Zoom one axis at a time. In the past (using Solidworks or Catia) I have been able to rotate the part around and zoom simultaneously but Fusion doesn’t seem to like that.

Anyone else with a SpaceMouse out there have any ideas?

[I] had this problem with inventor, turned out to be a toggle setting in the 3d connexion program called “Dominant”, should be disabled. Hope that fixes it for you too.

[I] should also note, the 3d connexion program loads different settings for each program that’s active. So it could be fine for all other software but incorrect for Fusion 360.

Not my answer, but I saw this in a few places online, and looked to be the common resolution.

Thanks Tim!

I’ll give it a shot shortly and see if that fixes it. Maybe your google-fu is better than mine :wink:

Edit: It works! Your google-fu is definitely better than mine.

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As a space-mouse user for 20+ years, I’d be SO lost without it! Their user config menu has changed very little in that time. On a side-note, I’d love to be able to use it to jog my machine!

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Did you ever figure out of it was possible to jog the machine with 3d mouse?

No, I never did. That said, I think there would be a lot higher likelihood of it working with the 1F controller, since it is already capable of interfacing with a USB gamepad. I use a different controller, so I’m out of the loop on getting it to work with that controller. I’m guessing it would take the right person to program the driver for it. There is a 3D Connexion forum, so that may be a good place to start with regards to finding out if it’s possible.