Fusion 360 Post Processor (Download Links Included)

Question, does this post-processor not ask to change bits like the buildbotics? Also, it does not ask to probe z to start.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I followed you directions and it was easy. Took about 5 min.
Thanks again. now if my current was easy…

I am still unable to figure this out.

@stradibarrius98765can you share what worked for you, appreciate it. Thanks

@blaghislain where did you download the Onefinity Woodworker.machine file from?

I created myself to help people with fusion360. I contacted @onefinitycnc and asked them to publish but they asked me to do a pull request directly from github.

That’s what I did 6 MOUNTS AGO but @onefinitycnc did not look at it yet.

All the links in the new document are set to match original github site. So for now the only way to get all the files is from my GitHub


Thank you @blaghislain! Now, time for me to learn how to use Fusion 360. :slight_smile:

@blaghislain thanks for all your great work on post processors. If I knew how to use/contribute to github, I’d do this there:) One day I will learn.

  • I think there is a small bug in the current PP for F360 for spindle delay. “Insert a delay (gcode S4 Px) if time <> 0” — I think it should be G4 Px rather than S4 Px.
  • I added a “MySafePlace” option to the safePositionMethon
    safePositionMethod: {
    title: “Safe Retracts”,
    description: “Select your desired retract option. ‘Clearance Height’ retracts to the operation clearance height.”,
    type: “enum”,
    values: [
    {title: “G28”, id: “G28”},
    {title: “G53”, id: “G53”},
    {title: “Clearance Height”, id: “clearanceHeight”},
    {title: “MySafePlace”, id: “MySafePlace” }
    value: “MySafePlace”,
    scope: “post”

This allows me to be more OCD on movement before/after gcode execution. I’ve found it helpful when you want to move the spindle away from the stock for bit changes etc.

Question, when I download the onefinity-pos-tprocessor-main file I have no files for my machine? folder is empty, no options to choose my machinist?

That’s because onefinity team did not accept my proposal (mai 2021) yet. Please download it from here

also see README.md

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Thank you
I can’t figure out how Onefinity works, they have everyone else solve problems, and basically supply all support. Weird to me but maybe I am just too old.

Followup: I created a pull request 2021-04-30 for the fusion 360 post processor in order to give people:

  • Step by step instruction on how to install post-processor and machine within fusion
  • Added two new customs properties for spindle to let user add a delay and/or a pause when spindle speed change.
  • Custom update to enable ‘useCircularInterpolation’ by default.

The pull request has not be accepted yet by the onefinity team.

Today I have updated github pull request branch again to keep it up to date and add info for Journeyman.

You can take a look at fusion section of the pull request branch README.md and you can also download files from there too.

You can also take a look at the CHANGELOG.md for more info


Apologies if this has been covered. But is there a version of the PP where at the end of the cycle, the machine simply goes back to the G54 X0,Y0,Z0 rather than the G53/machine home?
It’s only a tiny niggle but its a pain having to move the spindle back over the workpiece once the operation is done. I can manually alter the code once it’s posted, but if the PP could be changed (or show me where to change it) its removes an extra step.
Thanks in advance

I had the same niggle so I set my return to the centre of the cutting area using the machine setup in fusion360. You can do this f360.


Is there an updated post processor for the X-50?

I think I might have messed something up with when I tried to adjust for the larger axis. Now I am getting the following error when i try to run a simulation.

“Machine tool simulation disabled: The post script has no CAPABILITY_MACHINE_SIMULATION”

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No it’s the same post processor. If your using the community post-processor, ensure you have the latest release (here). In fusion 360, if you’re using a machine configuration, you fill also find a specific file for the journeyman.

See the README.md


Awesome thanks. I will wipe out the old one and update with this one.

Awesome walkthrough on how to install it. Crystal clear.

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Thank you so much for this!!! Your instructions were very clear and made this a breeze!!!

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