Getting lines on part

I am getting (unfinished) lines on a finished part.
During raster moving on Y axis, using a 1/16” BNEM and stepover of around .005, there are lines not completed to depth(looks like missed a couple X moves), and look to be at equal intervals on the part.
Wondering is it mechanical, or a program issue?

This can happen if leaning on your table to watch your machine carve. Even a slight deflection of a couple thou would show lines like in your photo. If this isn’t the case, check the coupler on you Z slider to make sure that all screws are tight (including the grub screw).

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Can you make another one, but change the orientation 90deg in your design software and mount to a different area of the spoilboard? This could give you some clues to help solve the mystery.

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Thanks, I did elbow up to the cut. I guess, the hope is the table is strong enough, but I know its not that strong to not give at all.
Thanks, Dan