Gridlines aren't lining up

Can anyone explain this? Its happened 2 different times in two different places. I’ve used this file before with no problems. It sounds like it hits hard in the X then goes off path a little.

Hi there. It’s very hard to debug without the gcode and a little more description.

What machine are you using
What CAD/CAM software are you using?
Did you home and then zero?
What are the work coordinates set to?

Probably tons of other questions.

All that said, if the machine is hitting the gantry then something if not right – the OF should never hit the front or sides after homing.


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I’m using Onefinity original woodworker. Carveco as cad/cam. Machine was homed. Zero set to center of spoilboard. Using a 90 degree v-bit, at .03 DOC. Surfacing went fine. 1.9 Onefinity firmware. It was a proven file. It almost sounds like maybe X stepper motor missing a step, very subtle,.