Grounding Foil Shield

The VFD to Spindle cable I have employs a foil shield. I can find You Tubes of how best to ground braided shield, but nothing on how to handle foil with its lamination of foil and plastic. Tips, please?

Hi John, there is usually a drain wire that is in intimate contact along the full length of the cable. Just ground that at one end and you should be good to go. You can cut it back at your termination and shrink tube to make a clean look.

Hey John,

like braided shield, foil shield should be clamped to ground or grounded with a grounding cable gland.

Both earth portions of the shielded cable must be connected to the earth point by cable clamps.

– Source: Omron MX2 User’s Manual

The other day when discussing connection of both ends of shield, Mike @mchoonmaker linked this paper that I can recommend:

PS: Note that the link in the article is broken, the working link is here: Begin with the End in Mind — Proper VFD Cable Termination