Height Cutting issue?

I’m using Carveco Maker.

So I set my maximum depth to 0.063 and my stepdown to 0.025
I ended up with an overall height of 0.1

I thought I would step down 0.025>0.050>0.063

I’m not sure what happend though. Not sure why it went all the way to 0.1, dropped 4 times

I don’t use Carveco Maker, but here are a few things you should check out (and test on a scrap piece)

  • Check you have selected the correct endmill. I was cutting an expensive part out of HDPE, selected an endmill, generated gcode, and ran it. Turns out I selected the wrong bit, and all the holes were offset :joy:

  • Check the tool parameters in your toolcrib (most importantly depth of cut, # of passes, length of cut)

  • check if your Z origin is properly set.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, create a new tool in carveco and input the tool data. Label it something like “NEW-1/4in-UPCUT” of whatever, and use that tool to generate the program.

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