Height of the y-axis rail


Looking for the height from the mounting surface to the top of the y-axis rails. I have not been able to find that dim. Need to do some “nesting” of equipment and need the height to make sure the base I build is the correct height.



I got 144mm (5 5/8") to the top of the rail mount or 140mm to the top of the rail tube. The x axis mount on top of the Y rail is 360mm.

Thanks Alden! That is perfect.

Is this for the x-35 or x-50?


I believe the X-35 and X-50 use the same Y rails.

New to CNC so my terminology might be wrong. I need to know the height from the bottom of the rail feet (that attach to the table) to the top of the top tube. I have a tight spot I need to fit the machine in.


Good day SkyKam,

The X-35 has 35mm Y rail.
The X-50 has 50mm Y rail.



It is for the X-35. The X-50 was not out then.

According to the web site only the X rails are different.

Sorry, my bad! I didn’t mean to mislead you.