X-50 overall Height?

New to the forum, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I just bought an X-50 Journeyman, like 2 days ago. I have some time before it arrives, and I Plan to build a table prior to it arriving, but I have a slight height restriction where I want to put it in my garage and im debating an enclosure around it as well. I’m hoping someone has and can get me this measurement.

Thanks in Advance.

Not near my machine at the moment but don’t be tight on your height as you’ll need room for dust collection hose which will arrive from above unless you have a different design.


That measurement is actually not really important. You are most likely going to have some sort of dust collection so you’ll want at least a foot above the top of the Z stepper. Personally I would want at least 2 1/2 feet above the table so I don’t feel cramped. I have over 3’ and it feels like I have extra but not that much.

Are you planning on using a spindle or router. If going with a spindle will it be a water cooled or air cooled? My water cooled spindle sticks up above the stepper motor and when homed it’s about 24" above the table on my woodworker. I don’t expect much difference once 1F sends me the Journeyman rail.

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Where does this state the overall height?

I’m using a router, and it is important I’d I have a maximum height limitation. That’s why I’m curious. I want to get my table built prior to it arriving.

I would like the dimension as well. I am designing a table that will flip vertical for storage and that projection is important to me.

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Hey Alan, hey all,

I do not have my machine yet but as far as I studied the docs and pics, I think the overall height of X-50 does not differ from X-35, since the Z Axis’ Gantry Slider Frame is the same (is it?) and its stepper surmounts the X Rails, so it is the highest point.

As we can read in the Manual, the Z Axis’ Gantry Slider Frame can be fixed in 3 separate mounting locations which gives a distance between bottom of Z Gantry Slider Frame and Onefinity CNC’s Base of Feet of:

D = 4 3/32″ (103.98 mm) min. 
D = 5 7/16″ (138.11 mm) max.

as we read can read here too.

Next we would need to know the height of the Z slider frame which seems to be, according to AndrewBrown’s 3D Model (thank you so much Andrew!) something about 232 mm (b–c in the picture below), but unfortunately he did not (yet?) include the Z Axis’ stepper and coupler cage (a–b) in its 3D model.

Please could someone measure the distance between a) and b) as well as between a) and c)?


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yes, and besides the height of a spindle some people also do mount larger steppers, so I would plan enough headroom.

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The top of the Z stepper on my woodworker is 18 1/2" from the table. That’s from the bottom of the Y axis feet and the top of the stepper motor. It doesn’t account for the router or spindle sticking up above the Z stepper when the Z axis is homed. Few people have a Journeyman (since the rails aren’t shipping until next month). It could be slightly lower since it’s not going to have the 3rd “stiffy” X axis rail.


I had built a Onefinity in F360 before the Journeyman came out while I waited on the 80 mm spindle. When they announced the Journeyman, I took the known dimensions like the 50 mm rails and made some wild assumptions and used the provided images as canvases. Anyway long story short, I think I got pretty close but I am going to wait to release it until I get my machine in to do some real measurements since I made so many guesses.

I measure 17.008 inches but it the model is a little taller than the scaled image that was posted.

Ignore the stepper motor on the left. I modeled everything normal then flipped the assembly so the Y-axis steppers were in front.


Hey Alphonsus,

I don’t know if you have seen today this was answered in a new topic here:

So if “at highest configuration” = is mounted using Z Slider’s Bottom Mounting Holes, then according to Specs Sheet, “D” should be

D = 5 7/16″ (138.11 mm)

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Hey there, any chance you’ve updated your model to the final dimensions by now? I’m ordering the X-50 soon and need to build an enclosure as well, so if you could share that model it would help me a ton!

There are dust boot solutions to run dust collection out the back in a pinch and avoids a hanging draping hose. I have limited height and considered that for a while.

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I have been lazy about posting it. It is pretty accurate but not perfect. Better than my first model by far since I actually have this one on hand.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply! Unfortunately the link leads me to a 404 page. Do you know why? If it doesn’t work I’d really appreciate if you could mail the file to vali@arnberg.de directly. Thanks again!

Ok, the link should be fixed now. If not let me know, or search for it on grabcad.