X35 vs X50 X-axis gantry block dimensions

I am considering a future upgrade from my original Woodworker to the X50 version.
When looking at the 1F dimensional drawings, they show a width of 5 1/2" for all machines, but that appears to be for the Z slider. I want to find out if the X-axis gantry block (that which the Z slider assembly bolts to) is larger on the X50. On my Woodworker with stiffy, the entire block is 2 1/4" deep X 4" wide X 8 1/4" high.
I would appreciate someone with an X50 confirming it is the same, or providing dimensions if different. I assume it will be close or the same, as we are to reattach the Z assembly when upgrading.

If anyone is willing to take a moment to share the dimensions I would greatly appreciate it.

The X50 Journeyman gantry block is 4"W, 8-9/16"T (including 1/4" plastic wire shield), and 3-3/8" Deep, if that helps

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Thank you very much for providing this!