Help please! the Z axis plunges into the work piece

I’m working with a bit that is 1/4in diameter and maximum tool stepdown is set to .12in in Fusion 360. So far I’ve done everything I can think of, and yet when I start my program the bit plunges in 1/4in into my material with each layer.

This does not happen on the computer. In the Fusion 360 simulation my toolpath works perfectly(only taking off 1/8in with each layer) unlike reality.

Here are the possible causes I thought of and tried to fix already:
-The machine is Home’d and the XYZ coordinates for my stock are set correctly both on the machine and on the computer.
-All the height settings look good on the program
-The bit is secured in the router, it’s not sliding in or out
-The right bit is selected for the toolpath
-WCS offset is 1 and ‘multiple WCS offsets’ is unchecked
-In NC post program the ‘Safe Retracts height’ is set to ‘clearance height’ which is way above the top of the stock
Am I missing something obvious? I never had this problem before and I had to stop the machine three times already and start over.
Please help

Howdy, did you ever resolve this issue? I am experiencing the exact same problem in which the bit plunges .25" into the spoil board after initially cutting the first layer. I am trying to cut a round hole in .125" aluminum sheet. hole comes out nice but after the hole is cut the machine will plunge again and cut a 1/4" chunk out of my spoil board.

For me, the stock setup was wrong and I hadn’t noticed. I changed the Mode from ‘Relative size box’ to ‘fixed size box’ and plugged in the measurements of my stock (my stock and my model were the same but Fusion 360 was adding invisible stock above the model in my setup).

I would also double check the heights in the operation settings and make sure they’re not offset by any chance?

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Thank you. Same here. I gotta learn the Fusion set up. Can get a bit confusing.