Help with JTech Laser (VCarve Laser Module)

Looking for a bit of advice - not sure what I’m doing wrong here. :frowning:

I’m trying to program the laser in vetric, and wanted to adjust the IMP and Power, but regardless of what IMP I enter into VCarve and the different burn times I’m getting when checking the toolpath, when I upload the code to the CNC Controller, it’s always giving me the exact same burn time - 4:11

Doesn’t seem like the IMP is changing at all (not sure about power), regardless of weather I set it to 80, 100, or 200 IMP.

I downloaded the Post Processor from the forums, as I couldn’t find them in the download file library (even though V11 should have been included from vetric).

Any help or suggestions on what I’m doing wrong, and how I should be entering my IMP and Power to translate properly when saving the Code for the controller, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Also wanted to note, I haven’t noticed any change in speed, weather I make the change in the “Move Speed” of the tool, or the Move Speed in the Toolpath.

I adjusted both numbers back and forth, and although the toolpath time shown in VCarve does vary appropriately as I change the toolpath IMP, when I save and uploaded the code to the controller - back to the same burn time (no change in speed).

Just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

Were you able to figure this out?